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1945 MUNICIPAL ORDER No. 22889 
Mayor Eulogio Rodriguez Vocational School
Mr. Pantaleon Regala (Principal)

1946 Mr. Apolinario Apilado (Principal)

Eulogio Rodriguez Vocational High School (ERVHS)

1949 Dr. Hilario G. Nudas (Principal)
1964 REPUBLI ACT No. 4072 
Vocational Technical Department
Eulogio Rodriguez Vocational High School (ERVHS)
Dr. Hilario G. Nudas (Vocational Director)

1967 REPUBLIC ACT No. 5088
Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Memorial School of Arts and Trades (EARMSAT)
Separated from the Division of City Schools, Manila
Dr. Hilario G. Nudas (Superintendent)

1972 REPUBLIC ACT No. 6595
Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and
Technology (EARIST), as a full-pledged college status
Dr. Hilario G. Nudas (College President) 

EARIST as a chartered State College
Dr. Hilario G. Nudas (SUC President)
1983 Dr. Frederick So. Pada (SUC President)
1988 Dr. Lydia M. Profeta (SUC President)

1992 to December 15, 1999
Dr. Arturo P. Casuga (SUC President)

Dec. 16, 1999 to Dec. 15, 2003
R.A. 8292 (1st President under R.A.8292)
Dr. Maura V. Bautista (SUC President)

Dec. 16, 2003 to Dec. 15, 2007
R.A. 8292 (1st President reappointed under R.A. 8292)
Dr. Maura V. Bautista (SUC President)

Dr. Eduardo S. Caillo (SUC President)
November 8, 2006 to Present



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(lawrence, 2015-05-05 12:00)

from december 2003 up to december 2007 Dr.maura V. Bautista is the 1st President reappointed under R.A. 8292 and she is also the SUC President but Dr. Eduardo S. Caillo is also the SUC President on November 2006 up to present.

i would like to know how Dr.Maura held as SUC President in the year 2007 if Dr.Eduardo is already a SUC President year 2006 up tO present??